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Blooming Blue Bag

Blooming Blue Bag

Crafted by hand - Dabu

Dabu is a mud resist made from local black clay, wheat flour, gavaar gum, and limestone. After printing with dabu, a fine layer of sawdust is sprinkled over the pattern to prevent the fabric from sticking to itself once immersed in the dye vat.
This process is often repeated several times with indigo to achieve tonal gradients.
The fabric is then spread out in the communal drying field and hung from roofs and left to fix in the sun for up to three days.



Length without handles- 40cm.

Handles- 98cm.

Width- 36cm.

Fabric- Cambric

Inside pocket.


Please be informed that it may bleed.

Follow the instructions and hand wash cold.

Gently iron when dry.

290 SEK