For Good Luck

Coastal Robe

Our Robe in Dabu print with white Carnation flowers.

Carnation flowers has a history that dates back more than 2,000 years, it’s not surprising that carnations are rich with symbolism. White carnations suggest pure love and good luck.


Comes in two sizes.
About the process:

Dabu is a mud-resist hand-block printing practiced in Rajasthan of India. The prints have a sublime quality and appearance. In making of the printed fabrics, a lot of manual process and hard work is involved and in the process they use lots of natural dyes and vegetable pastes.The fabric gets beaten when wet to resize the fabric, This process continues for three days. After that the fabric is dried in the sunlight, -get  washed -dried again - washed - & now they boil them.  When dried the printing is done with blocks. Saw dust is sprinkled over the fabric as it is printed so that the block applied should not smear the other sides.

All made with natural dyes and vegetable pastes.
No chemicals are used in this process at all.

Made in Jaipur .
Hand made with detailed work.
100% ORGANIC Cotton

Lenght  129cm

Bust 62cm

Across shoulder 51cm


Lenght 129 cm

Bust  64 cm

Across the shoulder 51

Sleeve length 44cm both sizes

Belt 6cm wide 185 cm long
-Handwash before using it the first time. There´s no chemicals used in this production of making the robes. All dyes are vegan. There for it´s good to give it an extra soak before using your robe.

620 SEK