For Good Luck

FGL - Bangle

Handmade by the two Brothers:
Mohammed and Aetesham . They are the 6th generation of this craft.
They both learnt from their father Inam who is a master of this unique work. Their father has been doing this for over 45 years now. 
The royal family of Jaipur Maharani Gayatri wear these bangles made by their grand father.

The bangle is made of lacker..
It´s a natural substance which is the larva of an insect (beetle). 
When the beetle leave the larva on the leaf of tree, in 15 days the larva get dry and it becomes lacker.
We collect the larva and boil it in a pot, on a charcoal fire whilst mixing in sealing wax and soapstone powder. After this process we make a roll of the material which has been created. We make the colours by mixing in natural vegetable dyes.

We have chosen our favourites and  have made 5 different designs for our shop.
They are all different in the color pattern. All are unique and hand made.

2 sizes
Small approx 19,4-19,6 cm
Medium approv 20,4-20,7 cm

190 SEK 100 SEK