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FGL Laptop Cover

FGL Laptop Cover

Our logo is stamped inside of the bag.

-Full grained buff leather 

-13 & 15 inch , measured after Apple PRO. size 

The skin is treated with a method which renders it temporarily impressible.  Soaking in salt water for purposes of washing or re hydration .Then hand salting is done for other precautions, after hand salting the skin are left to dry for 15 to 20 days. 

A quality check of the skin is done and they are send to milling drum for making the skin soft. The colouring process begin with treating the skin with a mix of chemical and little quantity of oil that gives strength in hide and prevent from natural climate. 

A certified chemical mixture of colour is treated on the skin, after that a hot rolling plate press these skins that lock the colour permanently. After this a very thin layer of transparent lacquer is spray.

890 SEK