For Good Luck

FGL - Skirt

These blue beauties are very unique because of the teqnique they are made in. It´s called Dabu. 

-Dabu is a mud-resist hand-block printing practiced in Rajasthan of India.
The prints have a sublime quality and appearance. In making of the printed fabrics, a lot of manual process and hard work is involved and in the process they use lots of natural dyes and vegetable pastes.

The fabric gets beaten when wet to resize the fabric, This process continues for three days.
After that the fabric is dried in the sunlight, -get  washed -dried again - washed - & now they boil them.  When dried the printing is done with blocks.
Saw dust is sprinkled over the fabric as it is printed so that the block applied should not smear the other sides.
All made with natural dyes and vegetable pastes.

Our very own skirt. Made in Jaipur .
Hand made with detailed work. ❤️
100% ORGANIC Cotton
Hand wash Hang dry
Size: Medium
Waist : 32 cm < total waist: 64 cm
Lenght: 82 cm
elastic Stretched out from side to side: 96cm total
Size: large
Waist:35 cm > total waist: 70 cm
Elastic Stretched out from side to side: 108 cm total
Length: 82 cm
650 SEK
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