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Blooming Blue Coastal Dress

Blooming Blue Coastal Dress

Hand block dabu print, indigo dyed. 

Dabu printing involves several stages of printing and dyeing. Dabu prints are made with natural dyes and is hand done; the final outcome of this intricate labor is a timeless beauty.

The georgette fabric drapes the body contours and the fabric is translucent when viewed against light or in single layer.  


One Size

Fabric: 100%Viscose /Georgette

Relaxed fit

Wide V neckline

Side splits



Front neckline- 28 cm

Back neckline- 23 cm

Full lenght- 135 cm

Slit opening- 44 cm

Bust- 122 cm


Please be informed that it may bleed and shrink a bit.

Follow the instructions and hand wash cold.

Stretch the garment gently after washing and iron when dry.

590 SEK