For Good Luck

The FGL - Tea cup

-Blue is both mine and Kristins favourite color. It remind us aboth the ocean. The big blue.
Calming and very soothing. Since we also have a addiction for coffee and tea we felt it was now time for a Cup in the shop again.  /Miranda

Marie R is the creator of this lovelies. She´s been a potter since 13 years back.
A very talented & creative soul. Thanks for making these cups for us.
This collaboration means a lot to us, it´s nice to support the local potter in town and what makes them so special;
is the small production, not factory made stuff.
Every single cup is unique,  cause they never 100% the same in the colour, Maybe a bit more blue, or less. Some how more white colour in them too, They are each individuals.. br />We never really know when and how big the delivery of the cups will be, we gladly receive when they are made and if they sell out fast there will be more coming… 
They are worth the wait .. 

Hope you enjoy them as much as we do! Just keep in mind that the cup on the pic could never look 100% the same from time to time.. This delivery of cups this time had little bit more white in them, than the deep dark blue as in the pic..  

Approx 10cm high
390 SEK
This product is out of stock