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Coastal Robe

Coastal Robe

Our Robe in Dabu print with dandelion pattern.

Dandelion has a meaning of long lasting happiness & youthful love. Some also say that it´s getting your wishes fulfilled.

“Since the Dandelion can thrive in difficult conditions, it is no wonder that people say the flower symbolizes the ability to rise above life’s challenges

Crafted by hand - Dabu

Dabu is a mud resist made from local black clay, wheat flour, gavaar gum, and limestone. After printing with dabu, a fine layer of sawdust is sprinkled over the pattern to prevent the fabric from sticking to itself once immersed in the dye vat.
This process is often repeated several times with indigo to achieve tonal gradients.
The fabric is then spread out in the communal drying field and hung from roofs and left to fix in the sun for up to three days. 

Hand made with detailed work.
100% Organic Cotton


Lenght  129cm

Bust 62cm

Across shoulder 51cm

Medium/Large :

Lenght 129 cm

Bust  64 cm

Across the shoulder 51

Sleeve length 44cm both sizes

Belt 6cm wide 185 cm long
-Handwash before using it the first time. There´s no chemicals used in this production of making the robes. All dyes are vegan. There for it´s good to give it an extra soak before using your robe.

720 SEK